"Teach only love for that is what you are."

~ Course In Miracles

About Us

Founded in 2008 by Cory Erlandson and Lynn Aylward, Breath Integration Coaching and Training Center is a dynamic Center that offers a wholistic method of counselling. With this method we connect with our clients to create a safe empowered community, and live transformed lives that contribute to the awakening of the Spirit of mankind.


  • Coaching

    • One on One

      In a breath integration session, guided by a qualified Breath Integration Coach, you will have the opportunity to experience a connected circular breathing method.

    • Couples & Family

      Available for private sessions by booking an appointment for One on One, Couples & Family.

  • Workshops 

    • Mini Group Series

      These "series" are designed to provide the opporunity for accerlerated personal growth through the power of a synergistic group process. The topics range widely and each series is deleoped for the specific requirements of the participants.

    • Monthly Workshops

      Workshops are provided to the public throughout the year and are each aimed at a specific topic. They are designed to send participants home with new skills and a different perception. These workshops are a fun, challenging, though provoking, experiential opportunity!

  • Training

    • Level One

      Personal Empowerment Training


      This compelling training creates an optimal environment for dynamic, evident personal development. Train in a concentrated, consistent, active, methodology to explore the four main dimensions of Self: Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional

    • Level Two

      Practicioner Trainer


      Practicioner training is for those who have successfully completed the Personal Empowerment Training. The level 2, 8 month training is for those who want to continue their personal work on a deeper level and, as an option, create a practice as a Breath Integration Practicioner.

    • Level Three

      Teachers Assistant Training


      The level 3 training is designed to nurture and enhance leadership skills by developing leadership opportunities in the community. The participants assist in teaching stuednts in levels 1 and 2 to develop facilitation skills.

    • Level Four

      Teacher Training


      In the level 4 training students who qualify, will have an experience of teaching and developing all levels of training, course material, scheduling, workshops and directing the details of events within the training.